I started riding when I turned 50. So can you. Let me show you how!

About Pedaling Partner and Me


Let me be your guide and mentor..

Pedaling Partner is a one-on-one personal mentoring and coaching service to help you return to biking however old (or young) you are or feel.  And however you want to ride..whether by yourself, with your family (and grandchildren!), in groups, wherever and whenever you want.  I returned to biking at age 50 and have been a passionate pedaler for nearly 25 years. I will ride with you as your partner and mentor/coach to teach you everything you need to know to enjoy your riding.


Why enlist my help...

My name is Elizabeth Wicks. I’ve been active all my life, but it wasn’t until I took a bike ride when I was 50 that I found the most fun, empowering and exhilarating passion that has filled my life with amazing adventure ever since. I now want to share my skills and passion with others.

Since that first ride,  I have become an accomplished long distance cyclist and an American League of Bicyclists‘ Certified Instructor.

See more of my cycling sucesses and adventures below.

Here's what we'll do together



I will ride with you on a bike path, parking lot or traffic free road to demonstrate for you and teach you everything you need to know and do, including but not limited to:

* Basic bike handling skills from starting and stopping to steering and signaling 

* Riding safely alone or in a group on bike paths, lightly traveled roads, city streets or suburban roads

* Shifting technique and efficiency 

* Climbing and descending hills comfortably 

* Increasing speed, if that is a goal

* Learning how to fix a flat tire and keep your bike in good working order

* Assisting with equipment, clothing and accessory suggestions 

* Providing information on scenic and safe biking routes 

* Providing access to the wealth of information on the Internet and in books and articles about bicycling techniques, groups, tours…whatever will make your riding fun and engaging.

We will ride together until you feel confident enough to venture out on your own.


                      HOW TO GET STARTED


Over the last almost 25 years, I have...


* Become a League of American Bicyclists‘ Certified Instructor 

 * Completed two transcontinental bicycle rides across the United States, first at age 55 in 1999 and then at age 72 in 2016

* Established 12- and 24-hour records in several races in the 70+ age bracket (often as the only woman that age) 

* Become the oldest woman to complete the Boston Montreal Boston 1200K event 

* Completed Paris-Brest-Paris, France’s 1200k event

* Been a 10 year veteran of the Pan Mass Challenge

* Attended week-long training camps in Arizona for years 

* Ridden with friends just about all year long, averaging close to 6,000 miles a year

Please don’t be intimidated by my adventures.  I was a beginner and novice once, too.  I now have the experience to help you.



Check out this converstion I had recently with Monique Trammel, the founder of the American Women's Cycling Network.  She asked me how I help people to begin bicycling again regardless of your age.
We covered what you need to know to get out on your bike and enjoy your ride.

And we talked about why I decided to become a coach.

And here's what a few others have said

Jane Griffith, fellow septuagenarian

 I can testify that Elizabeth is an inspirational and expert mentor. She got me started bicycling at 73!! Am loving it. 

Andrew Thompson, Tomten BikeTown, Central MA bike store

 All of us at Tomten know Elizabeth well. She’s motivated and has a lot of great experience! 

Nancy Beaudette, motivational coach and musician

 What an inspiring interview! You are a great coach Elizabeth Wicks!! Your Pedaling Partner clients are lucky to have you!! 


No long term commitment required.

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